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Kids R Kids Cary's Infant Curriculum 

Low Teacher/Child Ratios at Kids 'R' Kids Cary

Kids R Kids Cary`s infant suite provides the highest quality care in an environment that is designed with the parent and child in mind. Our teachers provide a loving, nurturing environment with low teacher/child ratios.

Your child will be assigned to a primary care giver which allows for better hands on attention given to follow your desired daily routine.  Each infant teacher is assigned similar aged babies in order to promote appropriate developmental curriculum plans.  What a joy to have such great teachers who give 100% attention to your babies needs each day in a warm and loving environment.

Infants are stimulated through:

Music Appreciation 

We sing, dance and play with your child while music is played in order to stimulate their minds asthetically and developmentally.

Baby Yoga

Physical activity is essential to quality learning, building fitness, confidence and coordination. It also developes fine and gross motor skills.

Sign Language Communication

In order to encourage communication between teacher and babies without frustration from inability to verbally communicate, we have implemented the Baby Sign Language program.  Your child will be given tools needed in to express themselves.

Outdoor Blanket Time

Outdoor blanket time is a wonderful time for your baby to get fresh air as they learn the beauty of nature.  The teachers lovingly draw your babies attention to  the birds singing, or to the clouds drifting by, feeling the texture of green grass, leaves rustling in the wind and the  many sounds and smells of nature.

Facial and Verbal Mimicking

 In this special one on one time with the teacher, your baby will be able to form a special bond with their primary care giver.  Our Circle Time boxes hold many wonderful tools that encourage the children to recognize facial expression, and emotions by using our emotion cards.  We also expose the children to their own family pictures in order to help the babies feel safe and loved with familar faces around them.  The teachers take time with your baby mimicking words, sounds, and facial expressions in order to help develop their communication skills in unique way.

Lots of Hugs and Tickles

Here at Kids R Kids Cary, our day is filled with lots of hugs and tickles as our teachers love your babies and carry out their individualized lesson plans in order to promote appropriate emotional and developmental growth. We welcome you to be a part of your child`s day as you watch your child grow and learn on our secure parent internet viewing system. 

Safety and Cleanliness

To protect your baby from exposure to germs.  Our teachers are intentional about room cleanliness and handwashing.  We ask that you wash your hands upon entering the classroom to help maintain the cleanliness of the room.  Our staff and parents wear foot booties to eliminate outside dirt and debris so your baby will be free to crawl and explore their clean environment. We provide each child with their own crib, clean sheet and blanket laundered daily, and a drawer for their personal items. Toys are sanitized as needed throughout the day as well as every evening.

Daily Parent/Teacher Connection:

To ensure an easy transition from your child`s day to your welcoming arms, your teachers will provide a Daily Report which includes:

-Eating, sleeping, and diaper schedules

-Your baby`s response to daily acitvities 

-Areas of development such as language, small and large motor skills, and  special moments to warm any parents heart.

-Healthy growth and development is another top priority at Kids R Kids Cary. Our caregivers obtain First Aid,CPR, and SIDs training along with many hours of State required education to help ensure your child's well being.

You will have peace of mind that your child is in good hands at Kids R Kids Cary, contact us to schedule a tour!


Following the Infant Program is our Toddler Program.

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